Calla Lily Luxury

Celebrating women! We as women are wonderfully complex. We can be demanding, demur, silly, serious, brave, fearful, wild, spirited, colorful, seductive, passionate and powerful. We as a company are wonderfully complex to meet the needs of our hyer-sophisticated clients. Our customers are our highest priority. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Our purpose is to provide women with proven anti-aging results for the issues you are having today. I would like to provide you with a bit of background. I believe it is important to know who it is you are purchasing your skin care products from. Background - Nursing for approximately 15 years, Pharmaceutical Research approximately 15 years - meaning she knows how to conduct research and can differentiate bunk from quality research in order to provide the safest & effective ingredients for our products. A word from our Founder: I am glad you decided to join us, I just want to give you a brief summary of how this all began. I have always had troubled skin, not like most, I had extremely dry skin, so dry that in gym class no one wanted to hold my hands because they were so dry and rough. I had dry patches on my face, dry bumps on the back of my arms and all over my legs. Because of this I have always had to take very good care of my skin and follow a skin care regimen, I didn't want to look 60 when I was 40 or 80 when I was 60. Dry Skin ages a person significantly if not treated properly. I was out of cream one day and as I was running errands I picked up a bottle of lotion in a most unlikely place, let's just say it wasn't a cosmetic counter. For me lotions did absolutely nothing for me, I wanted the thickest cream I could find. Short on time I bought this lotion, this pinkish thin lotion, never expecting that it would really do anything for me. I took it home and started using it every day. To my surprise, it was amazing, I started seeing changes I never would have expected, cellulite decreased significantly, there were improvements in texture and tone, after a while my skin looked ten years younger. Well I used that cream loyally for 8 years. Then one fateful day I ran out, so off I went to stock up again, because I didn't just by it one bottle at a time, I bought several bottles at a time so that I wouldn't run out. I looked all over the store, no lotion, I went to the sales person at every area in the store and "disaster hit" they no longer carried it. I did everything I could to find that lotion, I talked to the manager at the store, I called the Cooperate Headquarters, I know "desperate", no luck there either. They just told me that the company no longer existed, they had gone out of business. I was devastated, and so was my skin. There in began my research for ingredients, that might provide those same benefits safely and effectively. I was finally able to make my own , I now have my amazing cream back, that actually works. I have gained a great deal of knowledge since then and thought to myself, "Why not share the benefits of what I have learned with others". Calla Lily Luxury was born, and I do hope that these products will help you in some small way to address the issues or concerns you may be having right now. Thank you for your time! I hope you enjoy your visit with us today. We are continually working on new products to add to our line. Visit our website frequently to see what is up an coming.