Tails4therapy utilizes animal assisted therapies that involve horses and/or dogs to help with meeting clinical occupational therapy goals, as well as social, emotional, language processing and cognitive functioning goals. Hippotherapy is a multi-faceted treatment strategy using a horse’s movement to provide different input for what the child needs. Some of the potential benefits that hippotherapy offers include: arousal, attention, bilateral integration, midline orientation, expressive and receptive communication, core strength, posture, sensorimotor integration, engagement and self-confidence. Hippotherapy influences many human systems. Hippotherapy, adaptive riding, and animal assisted therapies allows a child to be outdoors in a more natural environment while receiving benefits of treatments seen in clinical settings. In addition to achieving clinical goals, this environment can also lead to lifelong recreational and leisure activities. Katya Spafford, M.S., OTR/L, is a licensed occupational therapist and founder of Tails 4 Therapy. A competitive equestrian for 15 years and her love for horses, dogs and children, enables Katya to combine her passion and interests to work as a therapist helping children with special needs. Katya earned her degree in Animal Science with a concentration in Equine Science from Auburn University and completed her Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy (MHSOT) degree from the College of Allied Health Sciences at the Georgia Regents University in Augusta (formerly known as the Medical College of Georgia). She combines her education and experience to deliver treatment plans, using horses and dogs in a natural outdoor environment.


Occupational Therapy and Hippotherapy engaging with horses and dogs for maximum therapeutic benefits.

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