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LINDA MARIE TEGLOVIC is creator and president of BODY PARTS MODELS, INC., a Los Angeles-based agency representing body double and body parts models. Its offices are located in the heart of the miracle mile and the agency has booked over ten thousand jobs in television, film, commercials, print and editorial campaigns, new media and more. Body Parts Models, Inc. is SAG-AFTRA franchised and handles over 250 clients. The agency books talent for body parts in 14 categories; hands, feet, legs, butt, lips, eyes, skin/neck/ears, hair, back, arms, abs and body double; as well as unusual body parts such as a bald head, child hands, long eyelashes, etc., and strives for the inclusion of models with special needs; be they small in stature or in a wheelchair. This agency addresses the changing face of beauty and seeks all body types including athletic bodies with the ability to perform sporting skills like boxing providing a rare breed of “real” models for the real world. They also maintain a virtual index of perfect and imperfect body parts of all age ranges and skin tones. A successful entrepreneur, Linda opened the agency in 2001 and is a former runway model who began her career at age 14 in New York City and decades later became a top leg model in high demand. She appeared as a body double in the Academy Award-winning film “Thelma and Louise,” as well as “The Thomas Crown Affair” with Pierce Brosnan. Linda plans to expand the agency to the East Coast within the next year. Projects are continually in the works to reach that outstanding body part wherever it may be including the development of an app that will allow potential models to submit their unique body parts for possible representation and bookings in their home markets worldwide. These opportunities are open to people from all walks of life. Body Parts Models, Inc. has available the perfect part and professional talent. As Linda Teglovic says, “There is no body part that doesn’t need a double at some point.” -Minerva Gail Hawkins Award Winning Poet and Writter


Body Parts Models Inc. is an established model and talent agency specializing in body parts and body doubles.

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