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INSTALLATION We specialize in Hard Surface Installation, including: -Porcelain & Ceramic Tile -Stone - Travertine, Granite, Marble, Terrazzo, Slate, Limestone etc. -Glass -Mosaic We transform all areas of the home into beautiful works of art, to enjoy for many years to come. If you can dream it, we can build it. We hand craft custom medallions, decorative borders, inserts, accents and much more. -Floors -Patios -Backsplashes -Countertops -Tub Surrounds -Showers -Fireplaces -Vanities -Windows -Baseboards -Ceilings >>>>>The only limit is your imagination! All materials are installed per manufacturer specifications to ensure the area maintains lasting durability and meets the standards of the product warranty. DEMOLITION Demolition (Tear Out) includes, but is not limited to, the removal of: -Carpet & Tack Strip -Vinyl -Linoleum -Hardwood -Laminate -Tile -Baseboards & Shoe Molding/Quarter Round -Appliances (Gas operated appliances and toilets can be removed by our crew but must be reinstalled by a licensed plumber or homeowner) We also provide disposal of all removed materials if the jobsite does not provide a dumping area. SEALING AND ENHANCING We recommend all areas of the job be sealed for lasting beauty and durability. Several options are available to not only seal the work but enhance the finished product. -Standard Stone and Grout Sealer - provides protection from stains to maintain the products natural finish. -Enhancer - Deepens and enriches the natural colors of the stone with no sheen. -Semi Gloss Sealer - Enhances the stone with an additional light sheen. -High Gloss Sealer - Enhances the stone with a glossy "Wet Look". -Lacquer - Maximum protection and topical high gloss finish. We always recommend testing on a small area or sample first before applying to the entire installation. REPAIR & RESTORATION We offer Repair and Restoration Services which include: -Tile and Wood Replacement -Chipped and Cracked Tile Repair -Re-polishing and Scratch Removal -Grout Staining and Renewal -Grout Removal and Replacement -Touch-up and Caulking We also offer minimally invasive methods of repairing hollow or loose tiles and wood without removing the existing material which we can determine upon inspection.


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