Fit Arts

-WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOSE 5-25 POUNDS? -WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUILD A TONED AND LEAN BODY? -WOULD YOU LIKE TO MORE THAN TRIPLE YOUR CALORIE BURN? -ARE YOU BORED WITH TRADITIONAL WORKOUTS AND WEIGHT LIFTING? -IF THE ANSWER IS “YES,” YOU SHOULD TRY FIT ARTS PERSONAL TRAINING & GROUP CLASSES! FIT ARTS SERVICES Personal Training •Body Sculpting & Toning •Personalized Fitness Programs •Private One-on-One Sessions •Weight loss •Nutritional Guidance •Therapeutic Flexibility Sessions •Body Shaping for TV, Film, or Print •Get Fit for Weddings, Special Events •Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss •Cardiovascular Conditioning •Strength Training •Core, Balance, & Functional Training Private Lessons •Aerial Workouts •Acrobatics •Boxing •Kickboxing •Capoeira •Yoga Group Classes •Fit Arts Group Class (a blend of boxing, kickboxing, boxing ,Capoeira, bodyweight training, weight training, and more) •Traditional Capoeira •Zumba® --WHY FIT ARTS?-- *Fit Arts offers a unique and exciting twist on the traditional workout. Fit Arts combine exercises from many of the most physical art forms to produce an extreme and multifunctional workout routine. *Develop Long, Lean, and Toned Muscles. The program uses a Natural Approach by utilizing the body’s own weight. Body Weight Training is safer for your body. The body is more capable of handling its own weight, as opposed to outside forces like heavy weights, and bulky gym equipment, producing more natural looking results. *Fit Arts Teaches Skills. Fit Arts offers safe, step by step techniques to training exercises of the world’s most physical sports. The time spent at the gym doing traditional training exercises can instead be used learning elements of Capoeira, Acrobatics, Dance, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Bodyweight Training, and more! *Fit Arts Gets Great Results Fast. The Fit Arts training principle is to use multiple muscle groups simultaneously with extreme intensity. Utilizing this method demands maximum calorie burn and muscle stimulation resulting in Faster Fat Loss and an overall toned body.