Soumatrix Upgrade Speaker Kits

Discover happiness through sound. Soumatrix presents two product lines of speaker upgrade kits direct fit for your Buick, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen. They maximize the output of your stereo without distortions and enhance the tone clarity and overall warmth of the sound as well. No rewiring, No Amp and maintain your car's original look. Xtase Product Line: Designed without compromise, Xtase upgrade speakers combines aircraft-grade materials in its sandwich cone with a silk coated dome tweeter. The resulting audiophile sound and acoustics are extremely linear and exude warmth. Inspirit Product Line: The Inspirit upgrade speaker series delivers elegant and modern European sound which you can envision and experience as every note and melody plays.


Pace out a sanctuary in everyday commute with a next-level acoustic enjoyment, incorporating OE layouts and protection from electronic disturbance, they can slide into the factory sockets the same way original equipment does and deliver sounds of purity.

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