Elite Miami Entertainment

Spend more of your time partying inside the nightclub then outside waiting in line. Don't be the ones standing outside the night club watching everyone else get in except you and your friends. The individuals who walk in immediately are the ones who plan ahead with table service or prepurchased tickets or packaged deals. If you think you're so cute (which we're sure that you are) that you just know they will let you in right away without paying...well Miami will give you a very good "Welcome To Miami" at that point. Be prepared to be amongst hundreds of other cute people at the rope trying to get in without prior arrangements. That hour it took you to get ready for the night...just might be a waste of time. Our hosts sets into motion to round up a select well dressed and chic (and cute) crowd to indulge in an Open Bar for 2 Hours at Oceans Ten Bar & Grill South Beach. Take in themost breathtaking panoramic views of of Ocean Drive and South Beach on this Ocean fron with a LIVE DJ on weekends. Afterwards, and with flare, we escort our guests via exotic limousines or a Party Bus to one of Miami's most Premier VIP Night Clubs with Express Entry. No long waits like General Admission. Most of the below nightclubs are extremely hard to get into. In Miami its all about "who you know" to get into some of these most sought after venues. Due to our regular appearance and volume of clients we've escorted to the night clubs...our service is welcome. Take advantage of our Party Packages below today! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.