We are a remote day trading firm located in Montreal, Canada. We have active traders from all parts of the globe ranging from the US to Malaysia to North Ireland and more! Here's what some of our top trader's have to say about us... Best part of Trader2B was how quick the turnaround time it took from the day I submitted my application for becoming a partner remote trader – it was a very quick and hassle free process. After reviewing your web site and doing a bit of research on Trader2B I had no hesitations of signing up as for the program. Trader2B allows me to have access to firm capital and allow me in time to have access to larger buying power for my day trading. Would encourage any new and experience trader to join based on my positive experience so far. Kami Anav, USA The best part was that I didn’t have to put up my own capital and I could start trading for a very low fee. Gives me leverage for a small fee on a reliable system. Definitely a great starting point for day traders. Jerry Chen, Canada HOW DOES TRADER2B BENEFIT YOU AS A REMOTE DAY TRADER? The best part of the program is that you have no need to worry about “upfront risk deposit” which is required for almost everywhere else in day trading field. It provides me with authentic trading experience in the market. It is a worry-free for the cost of your learning experience. Jimmy (Jin) Wang, China WOULD YOU RECOMMEND TRADER2B? Actually already have. I used to be an administrator for a trading chat room and still keep contact with many of the principals who were trading there. I’ve mentioned it a select few of them, and 2 or 3 expressed interest. If and when I make the $1000 required to become a contractor, I believe I’ll mention the opportunity to all 200 of my twitter followers, who are primarily traders. Mark Roth, UK WOULD YOU RECOMMEND TRADER2B? I encourage any seasoned, on new trader to consider trading with Trader2B. The firm will invest in a trader who displays a good attitude towards risk management and the desire to work hard at mastering the craft. What an excellent opportunity from a firm you can trust. David Pope, USA


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