Deep in the Hearts of Austin

The goal of "Deep in the Hearts of Austin" is to raise social awareness in order to look deeper into our fellow humans, defy stereotypes, and shine light. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Let's "Keep Austin Weird" but also open-minded. This is a magical city with great energy and amazing people. Austin is a place that nurtures all humans and some are lucky enough to call it home. As Austin continues to grow, let's not get too lost in the hustle and bustle. Something as small as a smile aimed at someone who looks like they need it creates positive impact. Every person we pass in the street has an incredible story. I, Suzanne Pressman/photographer, have endless appreciation for those that are willing to share on a public platform. Sometimes that story will open another mind or inspire change. We're all in this journey together. Much gratitude if you share this page! I hope to see some of you on the streets and share a part of your story! Special thanks to Brandon Stanton, creator of "Humans of New York" for the inspiration!