I Brought Snacks

Whose ears don’t perk up when you hear those words? As a child, my mother always had delicious homemade sweets in the house to fulfill mines and my friend’s sweet tooth. Being a part of the military community as a child, as well as an adult, I learned quickly that food was a universal language. I learned even quicker that sweets made the fastest friends. Later in life, as the military took me around the world, I reveled in the different flavors of the world but I also missed my mother’s baking. So I decided to try my luck and see if I was given my mother’s baking gene. Lucky for me, I was! But whom would I share my sweets with? I found myself sharing my confections with coworkers and strangers who would later become my “sweet friends!” And each time I arrive toting sweets to share, I declare, “I brought snacks!”

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