FRC 2468 Team Appreciate

FRC 2468 Team Appreciate is a FIRST Robotics team from Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. Since our rookie year in 2008, we have grown from a single team to a district-wide program, having started 57 other FIRST teams. Team Appreciate has dedicated itself to driving passion for STEM by engaging our community, enabling fellow teams, changing the political stage, and shaping STEM culture for future generations. Through 333 outreach events and through our 5 initiatives (SACOT, STEMConnect, FIRST Signing Day, STEMGirls, and the Lilypad Project), we have impacted 600,000 individuals. Recently, 2468 hosted the FIRST State Advocacy Summit, recruiting 5 state-level advocacy groups from around the country to discuss student-led political action. With the STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas (SAOCT), Team Appreciate is leading the way for FIRST advocacy. This summer, we plan to teach 20 STEMConnect session at our school and with our sponsors. FRC 2468 Team Appreciate is more than robots; we are a voice for STEM, an innovation incubator, a leadership pipeline, and a role model.


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