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The City Magazine is El Paso's premier CITY lifestyle magazine in the Sun City. We publish 5 publications, including the Visit El Paso tourist/visitor's guide. YOUR monthly lifestyle magazine is called The City El Paso/ Las Cruces Magazine, YOUR seasonal home and design magazine called The City Spaces Home & Design, YOUR once-a-year weddings magazine called The City Weddings Magazine and last but not least, YOUR twice-a-year magazine for the mature reader called The City After 50 Magazine. We promise edgy reads with trendy photography, while maintaining the target audience of El Paso's affluent, mature, hip readers. We are committed to capturing the attention of our readers by highlighting the melting pot of people, places and lifestyle that make our beautiful city unique. Our readers can always look forward to finding stories about current events, fashion, culture, home, dining, entertainment, business and beyond in the pages of our publication. The City Magazine truly has it all.


The City Magazine is El Paso's only monthly Lifestyle magazine full of edgy reads and trendy photography!

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