Birth Wise Doula Services

I strongly believe that EVERY woman deserves to have access to socially and culturally relevant prenatal and labor support. No matter what kind of birth you desire to have, I will support you in the way you choose to have birth. One of the most important things that a doula can do, is to protect the desires, memories, and the emotional well being of the birthing mother. It is my duty to serve you on your journey to having the birth experience that you desire absent of judgement or criticism on my part. Rather than promoting my agenda, it is my goal to promote yours. By providing access to information and resources, I strive to create opportunities for my clients to empower themselves throughout their prenatal, labor, and postpartum journey. Giving birth to a baby is a very empowering, yet challanging experience. However, women's bodies are designed for this work and women have been birthing babies for centuries, all over the world. As a birth worker, I strive to remind women just how powerful and strong their bodies truly are.