"Lysts on the Lake" Competitive Jousting Tournament

“Lysts on the Lake” Competitive Jousting in Central Texas October 8, 9 and 10, 2021, Austin, Texas Lysts on the Lake offers you the chance to witness the breathtaking spectacle of competitive jousting! Be a part of the action as trained equestrians, contesting their skill in one of medieval Europe's oldest athletic events, thunder along the tilt with the aim of establishing themselves in a position of rank amongst other jousters throughout the world. This mounted challenge from the medieval age of chivalry is the ultimate test of equestrian skill and training. Lysts on the Lake is neither a renaissance festival nor a dinner theater stunt show but a competitive sporting event featuring the best horse men and women trained in the medieval equestrian arts. Lysts on the Lake is affiliated with the International Jousting League and the International Jousting Association...the largest competitive jousting organizations in the world today. The armour is real, the lances are real, the hits are real and the competition is real! Come pick your favorite knight as they undertake a variety of mounted challenges, both for honour and to please you, the audience!