I Got Your Back

“I Got Your Back” TM This Ingenious Aesthetically and Ergonomically Designed new product will revolutionize the way we wash our backs while showering. For most of us while showering, when it comes to washing our upper and lower back areas it can be quite challenging. Especially for people with joint and/or wrist pain, limiting the amount of pressure one can apply to a long handled back brush. Most people, when asked about how they wash or clean their own back while showering say, they use a long handled brush and do the best they can to reach Most of their back, but Not All. They also all agree their backs were not really as clean as they would have liked them to be after showering. Believe it or not, many people believe after shampooing their hair, while rinsing out the soap lather, along with the water running down their back is how their back is getting cleaned. Once again all agree their backs were not as hygienically clean as they would be if scrubbed thoroughly from behind with a washcloth and soap. The truth is, unless you have a significant other in the shower with you, to wash each other’s backs, your back is just not getting as clean as the rest of your easier to reach body parts are. Period..! Well that age old problem is over thanks to “I Got Your Back” Finally, the answer to this forever long problem, which most of us have learned to live with and accept as “clean enough”. Simply secure “I Got Your Back” to your shower wall in minutes and you’re ready to go. Next select a cloth cleaning disk cover of choice from its holding tray and apply liquid soap directly to the pad. Now just back up to the cleaning disks and hit start on the remote..! “I Got Your Back” does all the scrubbing and cleaning up and down your entire back in less than 1 to 3 minutes, depending on how long you like that Great Feeling of having your back scrubbed or massaged. “I Got Your Back” will scrub your back thoroughly from top to bottom, including the hard to reach small of your back area. As the scrubbing pads move down to your lower back region the Ergonomically Designed mechanism directs the scrubbing pads forward, reaching your lower back without having to push back towards the scrubbing pads eliminating fatigue and discomfort. When finished remove the covers, rinse them off and return them back to the self draining storage tray. You’ll love leaving the shower feeling fully refreshed and knowing you entire back is Hygienically Cleaner than ever before..!