ICCD Partners In Autism

The mission of ICCD is to provide high quality clinical services to clients and their families; to offer post-graduate training for professionals in pediatric neuropsychology, applied behavior analysis, and related fields; and to educate the community in the identification and management of learning and developmental disorders, assesments and services in Boston and the greater New England area. The ICCD staff includes professionals with backgrounds in neuropsychology and child psychology; pediatric medicine and neurogenetics; special education; speech-language pathology; assistive technologies; occupational therapy; individual, family and group therapy. Applied Behavior analysis is offered through our affiliate, ABLS. In addition to direct assessment, all clinicians at ICCD are available to collaborate with families for ongoing care. A family might choose to bring the clinician into the special education process by inviting them to observe the child in school or to participate in a team meeting. They may also wish for the clinician to consult with other professionals involved in the care of the child: teachers, therapists, advocates, and health care professionals.


We are a multi-disciplinary center offering neurological, behavioral, medical, occupational, speech, counseling and educational assessments in Boston and the greater New England area. ICCD also offers consultation, and treatment options outside our clinic

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