The Loaded Joes MMA Podcast

Austin TX, is the home for one more thing besides Longhorns and Great BBQ, it is now home to one of the fastest growing underground, and unedited MMA comedy podcasts. Host Blake "Moneyblakeweather" Stephenson, a striking/boxing/mma practitioner for 8 years and mma/boxing analyst spearheads the Facebook live show. The shows host sits with drink in hand speaks to fighters, coaches, and other mma media members creating a unique, entertaining, experience for the shows guest and viewers alike. Moneyblakeweather has been featured as a guest on other mma podcasts as well, including The Parting shot podcast, and SFLC podcast, displaying the same wit, chirsma, and mma knowledge he brings to his own show. follow the show on twitter @loadedjoesmma