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Get free personalized marketing tips from a Google Certified Partner. It will take about an hour of your time. Consult with people behind some of the world's most notable online brands. METHODOLOGY 1. Tell us your company’s goals. No matter what size your company is, every engagement starts with goals. It could be revenue, users, increased Return on Ad Spend, or Facebook following. 2. Get a complementary marketing analysis. Our staff will evaluate your data to see how well your current efforts stack up to your goals. You’ll get a free 30 minute consultation to go over our findings, including four key suggestions for growth. 3. Let the testing begin. Every paid engagement starts with tests to gather customer feedback. This will help set us on the right track. Keep us on board to implement our suggestions, or start the improvements yourself. 4. Leverage the experts at Search & Convert. Hire people who have literally spent thousands of hours on projects like yours. We’ll make sure your project is shipped on time and meets your preset objectives. Search and Convert builds on the 10 years of Search Engine Optimization experience of its founder, PJ Christie of Austin TX. In 2016, Search and Convert managed $2.5MM in ads for 30 clients, in every country, for every currency. One client saw a 300% increase in conversions when custom landing pages replaced their original website in bringing leads to their business. Each Monday our customers receive a report of key metrics such as cost, clicks, CPC, impressions, CPM, and cost per conversion. Each month our customers receive a full reporting of web analytics with the consulting required for them to understand the impact of our program.


Your Business Made It This Far. Let's Maximize The Opportunity. Search Engine Optimization (local and global), Advertising (Google and Facebook/Instagram), UX/UI (Websites and Landing Pages), and Google Analytics (B2B, B2C)

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