Las Vacas Gordas

Celebrating 17 years of success as a Miami Beach dining destination, Las Vacas Gordas invites guests to enjoy traditional Argentinean Steakhouse fare in a recently expanded modern and sleek atmosphere. With extraordinarily generous portions and the attention to detail found at five star restaurants, restaurant owner Luis Gajer aptly named the eatery Las Vacas Gordas, translating to The Fat Cows. In Miami Beach’s diverse melting pot, the steakhouse creates an atmosphere that reminds people of home, and locals and diners from across the world, would be hard pressed for a better meal than those served at Las Vacas Gordas. In addition to quality and price, Las Vacas Gordas celebrates the dining experience with a full portfolio of wines from around the world, with a collection that can rival any south beach restaurant, Las Vacas Gordas offers something for everyone. In commemoration of the restaurant’s success and longevity, the eatery underwent an 18-month renovation which was completed in early 2010, all without ever shutting its doors. The steakhouse walls and corresponding banquet seating are suitably dressed in a chic black and white cowhide setting the mood. The beautifully custom crafted black walnut tables with stainless steel accents surround the restaurant’s centrally located bar, which is for eating only, offering the quintessential space for people watching from the bar’s tall white leather chairs. Paying homage to current trends, the ceiling features exposed piping and spotlights right out of a movie set. The stunning open kitchen allows customers a full on view of the chefs at work on the parilla, which is essential to attaining the true South American flavor. Outdoor street-side dining is also available for those looking to enjoy a flavorful meal while smoking a cigar or dining with their 4 legged friends in the fresh Miami breeze. The talented chefs at Las Vacas Gordas focus on time-honored Argentinean Parilla grilling serving up their famous signature “Enrollada/ The rolled one” (over 1.5 lb of Skirt Steak) that tastes as if it were flown in straight from Buenos Aires. This delicious steak got the name “the rolled one” because the portion was too large to fit on a plate if it wasn’t rolled up. Within moments of entering the restaurant diners may become overwhelmed with the mouth-watering aromas of delicious meats and homemade chimichurri wafting through the air. Guests can also find other customary Argentinean dishes including Bife De Chroizo New York Steak (Over 1.5 LB), Enrollada De Ternera (The Rolled One, But VEAL) and Pincho De Camarones (Simply described as ‘Delicisioso). Along with its excellent meats, patrons are treated to an exceptional wine list featuring wines from France, Spain, Chile, US, Argentina including the Las Vacas Gordas label which comes from the acclaimed wine region of Mendoza, Argentina. The wine is kept at the perfect temperature and humidity inside the restaurant’s unbelievable large glass encased wine cellar which stands as major fixture in the space. An avid wine collector, Gajer has worked arduously to select the perfect pairing for his international fare while remaining focused on fair and honest pricing. The cellar houses rare wines including first growths from France, bottles of Screaming Eagle and vintages of Vega Sicilia that would make any wine enthusiast smile. Las Vacas Gordas is located at 933 Normandy Drive in Miami Beach, FL 33141. The restaurant is open for dinner 7 days a week and open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays (6pm -11:30 Monday- Friday, 1pm-1130pm Saturdays and Sundays). Entrée prices range from $12.99-39.99. For more information or reservations please call 305.867.1717 .


UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT!!!! You'll never go home hungry at Las Vacas Gordas.

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