previously Bryans BBQ...at 33/66 junction.. I took a 6 month break to get the new restaurant going!! 6 long months later,,a new restaurant..a new name and a new long road. For all my old friends, Im not in the parking lot giving out samples anymore but now would love you to come sample my great bbq again at my restaurant,,,I AM BBQ. I might have changed locations but I can promise you I haven't changed the way I smoke my meat or the every night,,all night ,,of turnin, rapin, stokin the fire... For all my old friends....{ and the new to learn} Im still the Bryan that's been walkin down this long and rocky road... starting out of the back of my truck, then on to the shack, now a restaurant! What I love to do..{smokin} is now a full time job. I would like to thank all of my supporters and followers for getting me where I am today,,for I wouldn't be this far without you. Im aware of where credit needs to be givin.. As I continue down my road, I invite you to come see me,,I've never met a stranger and would love to tell you my story personally.. for all that knows.... GET U SOME ITS THE BEST for all the new... I'm like a good wine...only get better with age! BRYAN POWELLS BBQ @ 808 EAST TAFT..TURN IN ATWOODS..THE STRIP MALL ON THE LEFT IN BETWEEN US CELLULAR AND 2000 NAILS..


BRYAN POWELLS SMOKIN...previously known as Bryans BBQ..at 33/66 junction {thumpers} Sapulpa ok THE BEST BBQ AROUND!!!

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