Now Energy

Power companies and the government are helping you cut the cost of installation. Solar is a safe and reliable investment, and the ROI (Return on Investment) is much faster than most people realize. If you qualify, you can be cash flow positive from day one! We have a financing program that allows 0 down 0% interest and 0 payments for 12 months!! Our first year in Austin we were able to install enough solar energy systems to eliminate 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over the next 25 years! Each system we install is helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Our systems are equivalent to taking 1-2 cars off the road or planting 120-220 trees each year! That means when you install solar with us you can have a major impact on our fight to save this planet for our children and grand children. We have a comprehensive, step by step walk through when you install with us. We hold your hand through every step of the process, from initial paperwork to how to turn on your system! You will receive emailed updates at each phase of the install. We like seeing your savings and your referrals. We know that the best marketing is word of mouth and that’s why we offer $350 dollars to anyone who refers someone who installs with us.