J.Dominguez IV Photography

Contract: We work on a contract basis and not available for Full time/Part Time employment. Billing: We accept Pay Pal, Bank Checks, Money Order, and coming soon Debit cards and Major Credit cards. Special financing will be also offered soon. No Cash or Trades will be accepted. Special Networking Referral Discounts: Be part of our referral program. Refer a family, friend or stranger to our company and with your special clients ID#, you can earn up to 50% discount and even earn free stuff. Please call for more details. Other Fees and Expenses: Our final price will include any additional fees or expense such as: Gas, Entry tickets or passes, Vouchers for train/air/boat, rentals (Scuba gear, Ski-Diving, Vehicle etc.) Special rental equipment (Camera rigs, dollies, harness, etc.) All details will be discussed prior to billing and all charges will be on final receipts and contract. Refunds: If you are not fully satisfied with the final product we will redo editing or reprint lost photos/DVD for free even after final product release (limited up to 3 re-prints/2 DVD’s). All final products will be reviewed with client(s) before final payment. After product as been reviewed and client(s) are fully satisfied, a satisfaction product release form will be signed and products are not refundable. All final sales are final. A cancelation fee will be charged for the following: If hired and client cancels before the start of the event(s), a 10% of the agreed payment amount will be charged. If client(s) cancel after scheduled event(s) but before final payment, a 40% of the agreed payment amount will be charged. Receipts and contracts will include all details. We will not release any product or charge for final product without the 100% consent of the client(s). Equipment: We use nothing but DSLR Cameras with High Definition recording capabilities by Canon. Models 600D, 60D, 7D. Lens: Prime lens 50mm, Tele Lens from 75-300mm, Standard 18mm-55mm and more. Editing: Adobe Photo Shop CS5 Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Services Offered: We offer digital Photography for but not limited to: -Weddings (Studio and Live) up to 15 hours. -Live shows, Concerts -Sporting events (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Gulf etc.) -Family, Individual and Pet Portraits. -Modeling (Studio, Runway, etc.) -Film/Motion Picture, News, Commercials etc. -Head Shots -Kids Party -Stunt (Ski-Diving, Scuba, Rock Climbing etc.) -Real Estate Interior and Exterior -Showcase events (Automobile, Boats, Pets etc.) -Commercial business and advisement -Graphic design Services Not Offered: We do not do pornography of any kind. We do not do photography of any war conflict. We do not do photography for anything gang related or illegal organization. ***In other words If it involves Drugs, Weapons, Nudity or any illegal activities we do not service at all. ***