El Paso Diabetes

The EPDA was born in El Paso on November 14, 1968. As a local and independent nonprofit corporation, the EPDA is unique in the community. The EPDA is not affiliated with any state or national organizations. The EPDA's true concern is the welfare of the people of El Paso affected by or at risk of diabetes. The EPDA is one of a handful of independent diabetes associations in the country. In 2013, diabetes emergencies cost our local hospitals an excess of $100 million. Most of these costs could and should have been avoided. Our families could and should have been spared the unneccessary physical, financial, and emotional toll of diabetes complications. Many amputations and dialysis treatments can be avoided. Don't be a statistic. Be a success story. If this weren't bad enough, children are now developing (adult onset) diabetes. The EPDA is pleased to offer a variety of services. We are aware that a community-wide campaign and significant resources are needed to make a true impact. We count on you to help us secure the resources. A day when the impact of diabetes is on the decline is not impossible to imagine! Our services are made possible through multiple sources of funding. Contributions to the EPDA are fully tax-deductible as applicable by Texas State Law. Please call us at (915) 532-6280 or visit us at 3641 Mattox. It will be our pleasure to serve you.


To improve the quality of life of individuals with and at risk of developing diabetes (T1D, T2D, & Pre-diabetes) within the El Paso Region.

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