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DTW LIMO SERVICE Welcome to DTW Limo and Car Service Premium Metro Detroit Airport Transportation 110 % LOW RATES In Metro Detroit? DTW Limo is the best choice for your travel and transportation needs. Whether it’s a trip to the airport, tours around the city, an evening in a casino or some style and comfort for a wedding or limo, we can help. Give us a call or fill out the 3 line form on the right and we’ll call you! We offer 24/7 service and Detroit Airport transportation is our forte. Metro Detroit has several airports. The largest is the Metro Airport (DTW). Located in Romulus, it is about a half hour drive from downtown Detroit and another fifteen minutes from the US- Canada border. DTW Limo Service provides airport car and limo transportation from SE Michigan, Metro Toledo and Metro Windsor to all Detroit area airports. We also offer special discounts for students and frequent travelers. Find out more about our limo services below or check out our limo, car and sedan fleet . Save with a convenient online reservation! Executive DTW Car Service 01-14-2012 Since DTW Limo Service specializes in executive transportatation-any expected increase in Metro Detroit car trips to DTW is exciting news. On Tuesday, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) released its latest Business Travel Quarterly Outlook, which monitors business travel spending among U.S. companies. According to the report, spending on business travel is expected to top $263 billion dollars this year, an increase of 4.6 percent over last year. “We’ve hit the reset button from pre-recession levels,” said Michael McCormick, executive director and chief operating officer. “We’re back at the level we were at in 2007.” “Business travelers are a big driver of the economy,” he told “The amount of revenue dollars and tax dollars that are created by business travelers being out there is a great way to measure the health of the economy.” We provide DTW airport limo service for all Metro Detroit and Metro Toledo travelers. Metro Detroit Airport holiday traffic 12-28-2011 Passengers traveling by air from Metro Detroit Airport can expect lighter traffic this holiday season. This is sure to bring some cheer to most people who in the past have to weather heavy delays and backed up traffic. McNara Terminal is reporting steady traffic but nothing to cause worry to travel weary people flying this holiday season. While in Detroit take advantage of great deals on our Detroit Airport limousine services and make your travel a luxury experience worth remembering as our DTW limos take the stress our of the travel and make you reach your destination on time. Most flights are on time and security checks are also not long. So, avail of the smooth conditions and make the most of your holiday travel plans and remember us for your Detroit airport transportation needs. DTW Limo Service to Ann Arbor 12-21-2011 The Museum on Main Street in Ann Arbor is currently hosting “Christmas Past to Present “exhibit which will be run through January 8, 2012. Featuring all kinds of Christmas trees, vintage toys, photos and ornaments, it is entertaining for the entire family. Make your visit a memorable one by making a holiday craft like grapevine wreath or holiday card or snuggle with a festive read in the book corner. The exhibit is free and open to the public from mid-day to 4 P.M on weekends and by appointment on weekdays. Ride with your family to this festive exhibit in any of our spacious and clean Ann Arbor metro cars. We offer a 10 % discount on online booking and this combined with our reliable service offers you a great value for your money.Be sure to remember us for your Ann Arbor Airport transportation needs. Countdown to the 2012 Detroit Auto Show 12-15-2011 The 2012 North American International Auto Show to be held in Detroit from Jan14-21 promises to be a grand affair with the number of vehicles being unveiled showing a marked increase from last year . If early charity sales are an indicator, the event will be generating more participation as well as crowds. The show will be open to the public and one can expect all the latest the automotive industry has to offer. Nissan and Infinity will be returning to the show and GM is expected to unveil four new models including the highly anticipated Cadillac ATS, luxury compact sedan. Planning to attend, remember us for all your Detroit metro transportation needs. Our limo service in Detroit is well reputed for its reliable service provided by trained professionals. Luxury travel spending on the rise 12-02-2011 The bleak economy may not be giving anyone any reason to rejoice but according to a recent study, Americans are spending more on luxury travel than before .In this current economy, people are working harder at their workplace to compensate for decrease in workforce . In their view, luxury spending adds value to their travel expenditure. 6 out of 10 Americans will take a vacation this year , another trend which sees an incline. As a leading provider of limousine services in Detroit, we offer you a rich return on your luxury investment . Our Detroit metro airport transportation lets you travel in comfort and luxurious style complete with the services of a chauffeur ,while on way to your travel destination. Something Entertaining at DTW 11-25-2011 It might serve as a major transportation hub but not many people know that Detroit Metro airport is ranked amongst the top in terms of healthy food choices. Travelers passing through DTW have an array of food outlets offering healthy food options to choose from as well as being diverse and culinary delight. Indulge your taste buds without any guilt. Moreover, the McNara terminal is getting a revamp in terms of airplane retail. As current licenses expire, many higher end chains are going to make their presence felt in the terminal like Swarovski, Coach etc. Care has been taken to provide a nice blend and variety of retail as opposed to the higher end only. So the next time you are passing or visiting DTW, make sure to indulge in some retail therapy. DTW Limousine service provides 24 hour service to and from the DTW metro Airport. Make Way for "Limo One" 11-18-2011 You don’t have to be the President to enjoy the luxury of a limousine but following are some fun trivia about the President’s official ride. Yes, he gets to ride in his own personal limo which is customized for his special responsibilities, position with special attention given to the security aspect. The Presidential state car is called the “Cadillac One “and is a modified version of Cadillac DTS along with borrowing heavily from GMC Topkick truck. The builders are O’Hara, Hess and Eisenhart. It is protected against chemical and biological attacks and is fitted with almost half foot thick military grade armor. It has the capability to emit tear gas and also fire infra-red smoke grenades under attack. The President’s Limousine can house seven people with the President sitting at the back and having a foldable work desk at his disposal. It goes where the President goes and is transported by Air Force Planes.