U.F.A.F.I. - Universal Fighting Arts Fellowship International

OBJECTIVES The primary objectives of the UFAFI and CKMS are as follows: 1.To establish a FELLOWSHIP of like minded Black Belts regardless of Original Martial Art studied. 2.To have a structure and support system whereby NO matter what Martial Art background you have. You can test and promote with no prejudice. 3.To establish testing guide lines and continuing education. While allowing our members to remain with their parent Martial Art Style. 4.To encourage growth by affiliating and training with other systems of Martial Arts. 5.To utilize the most modern methods of testing and training through expertly taught seminars, establishing regional testing boards and use of video and other technologies. 6.To build the character of all members by instilling the values of: 1.Discipline – This is the key ingredient for success in mind, body and spirit. This means setting goals and accomplishing them. I will train, study accordingly until that goal is realized. When I set a goal, I will make a mental image of exactly what I want to achieve. I will then be determined and persistent enough to over come all obstacles that get in the way of attaining that goal. 2.Integrity – I will be sincere and honest in my relationships. I will maintain high moral principles in my daily life. 3.Loyalty – I will be faithful, support, defend, maintain allegiance, and be true to myself, family, friends and country. As well as the UFAFI. 4.Respect – I will always show respect to others with the knowledge that respect must be given in order to be received.