Old Fashion Hot Dog (Inn)

Eating History A sorority chick who lives for fashion, fun and chili dogs. That's moi. Greasy, meaty, sauce-running-down-your-arm kind of dogs! But it's more than just good eats, I need some character on my plate. Cleveland, I have found the perfect combination at an historic hole in the wall hot dog delicacy. It's called Hot Dog Inn. Well that's what the regulars call it, the sign says "Old Fashioned Hot Dogs." Just head west on Lorain from downtown, a few blocks past Saint Ignatius. Look for the yellow arrow on the right. The arrow to chili dog bliss! Now, I can't take credit for finding H.D.I. My boyfriend took me there on a date. His parents took him there as a kid. And his grandparents had their first date sitting at the tiny counter. Like a story passed down through the generations, it's a piece of Cleveland history not to be missed. Great for a pit-stop lunch, a Saturday dog with little Billy before the Indians game, or a late night grub-fest. Might I suggest the chili dog with cheese, chili-cheese fries and a chocolate milk. Feel like a kid again, and don't bring a credit card. It's cash only, and I promise you won't spend more than 6 bucks!


This is just one of the reviews of the Great to die for Chili Dogs. Try one and you will Agree !!!

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