As I Am

As I Am sheds light on deeper aspects of spirituality, psychology and yoga. Included in the book is a twenty-one day program practicing daily meditation, yoga, self-care treatments, journal and Mirror Theory exercises and a full menu plan for a mind-body-spirit detox. This program, The Dharma Zone, will reveal the practitioner's true self by dissolving past conditioning while re-connecting one's awareness with organic truth and reality - living As I Am. Everything in our existence is an expression of our collective and individual energies. Alanna’s Mirror Theory illustrates how the subconscious mind seeks to translate new experiences according to imprinted perceptions from past experiences. The mind is translating reality at every moment according to existing programs in the subconscious mind. Chapter 2: Hypnotic Existence, details the hypnotic and contagious nature of our existence and Universe. Using her Child Development education, Alanna highlights how one’s early childhood relationships can greatly affect one’s ability to initiate self-awareness. Chapter 3: The Real Secret, defines the four factors that affect one's dharma, and how to re-align one's life in accordance with it. "I feel I’ve learnt more facets of human and spiritual personality behaviors in the first forty pages than I have in all the books I have read!" ~ Alexi Lubomirski "Alanna Zabel is a gifted and inspirational teacher, and As I Am is a practical and gentle guide to help people realize their fullest potential. By following "The Dharma Zone," a 21-day program full of daily practices, readers will find the much-needed space within themselves to live truthfully and in harmony." ~ Mary Bemis, Founder, and Co-founder, Organic Spa Magazine. "Alanna Zabel has created a book that helps transform your mind, body and spirit. Her words are her own. Her honesty and courage to take her own personal journey, is beyond refreshing and enlightening. I highly suggest reading this fantastic compilation to better your health and spiritual journey." ~ Vikki S. Ziegler, Celebrity Divorce Attorney “Alanna's ability to explain and share her insight into spirituality and human behavior is so powerful!!! She uses her own life in examples to help the reader better understand how she was able to find her way to the Dharma Zone. This book is a guide for anyone who wants either to start or continue their journey towards self discovery. "The past does not exist unless you carry the remains of it with you." favorite quote from the book!!!!” ~ Carole Miller Canestrari Follow As I Am on Twitter: Where to purchase As I Am: Amazon: B&N Nook: Goodreads: iamplify: IndieBound: iTunes: Kindle: Kobo: Where to DOWNLOAD the 21 AM MEDITATIONS: Amazon: iTunes: Facebook: Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: