Miami Beach Elite Dialysis

Welcome to Miami Beach Elite Dialysis Miami Beach Elite Dialysis is a serene, private, state-of-the-art luxurious dialysis center. Every feature of our facility was designed for the comfort of the dialysis patient. From plush treatment chairs to flat-screen smart televisions, nothing was spared for the patient's comfort. The vision of Dr. Leticia Adan, M.D., F.A.C.P., the Medical Director of Miami Beach Elite Dialysis, is to create an 'elite spa-facility' that serves the needs of the dialysis patient with personal care and dignity. Our highly qualified Staff of Miami Beach Elite Dialysis provides your personal medical care in luxurious comfort while in a private treatment room. The moment you enter our facility, the rain forest sounds and ambiance will surround you where you will be greeted with an invitingly warm smile. You will begin to unwind and relax during the treatment with the reassurance of knowing that you are in our healing hands. Miami Beach Elite Dialysis is proud of our high level of Service & Expertise assisting patients that travel from all over the world for our treatment. Our Facility is prepared to care for all of your medical needs, including finding the best doctor for your special need, scheduling appointments, handling special arrangements and our flexibility to schedule treatment around your appointments. Miami Beach Elite Dialysis is only four minutes away from the world renown Mount Sinai Hospital and fifteen minutes away from Jackson Memorial Hospital-University of Miami Kidney Transplant Center. Our primary focus is to create an environment that is serene, private, and luxurious, using state-of-the-art dialysis equipment, in a spa-like facility with flexible scheduling, that serves the needs of the dialysis patient with personal care and dignity. We want to be sure that the working dialysis patient can keep and maintain their job for years to come. If your scheduling needs are complex or your physical distance from the facility is significant, we can further accommodate your needs by taking the dialysis equipment to you, to your home, and perform your treatments in the comfort of your house.