Austin's Yellow Bike Project

The Yellow Bike Project is located at 1216 Webberville Road in Austin, Texas, and is an educational facility open to anyone who wants to learn about fixing and riding bikes. We offer shop hours for personal users to repair their own bikes, and for volunteers interested in learning about mechanics while working to get more used bikes back out on the road. Our Webberville Shop features twelve fully equipped workstands, a large selection of parts, all of the necessary tools for virtually any repair large or small, and knowledgeable volunteer Coordinators to help you along regardless of your level of experience. At YBP, we don’t fix your bike for you—instead, we show you how to fix it yourself. Need a bike? We have an ever-changing stock of refurbished used bikes at affordable prices. We also offer the popular Earn-a-Bike program. Through Earn-a-Bike, you'll learn the fundamentals of bicycle mechanics while volunteering time to YBP. Once you've put in the hours and mastered the wrenching basics, you'll get to pick out a bike to fix up and keep, free of charge. Use of the shop is free to the public, but to help keep this community resource alive, we ask that you volunteer time equal to that spent on personal projects. If you don’t have time to volunteer, monetary donations are also appreciated. We have been an volunteer-powered organization since we started in 1997, and are sustained by volunteered time and donated bikes, parts, and funding.