There’s a sexiness to Clive, masculinity with an earthy glow. If a space can be seductive, Clive is that space. Dark wood, leather, low light, and easy style. Friendly, of course. Mysterious, I’d say so. It’s been a favorite for quite a while, and a place where relationships just sort of happen—friendships, lovers, marriages often start with a good drink, the right vibes, and a relaxed sexiness. Don’t take my word for it. Come spend some time with Clive, have a cocktail, shoot some darts, and judge for yourself. You’re mysterious, aren’t you? RESPONSIBLE ALCOHOL USE POLICY We support the responsible use of alcohol by our patrons and guests. We also hold our employees accountable and demand the highest level of professionalism and training. Our families, friends and customers travel on our roads and through our collective responsibility, we all help to keep them safe.


****We are temporarily closed for renovation**** Hey y'all. I'm Clive Davis, eldest of the Rainey Street Bars. Cold beer, classic cocktails, wide whiskey selection, live music, and a friendly staff.

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