Magnetic Media Brokers

With a combined total of over 30 years of experience in digital marketing and specifically direct response marketing we can help small businesses maximize revenues through guided marketing efforts. If you’re a publisher who is tired of leaving dollars on the floor and ready to start maximizing revenues get in touch - Email List Brokering - Full-Service email list brokers. Guaranteed to help you maximize your list revenue. Display Ad Brokering - Let us help you monetize the real estate on your website. Social Media Brokering - Looking for a way to monetize your social media following? We can make this happen! Custom Ad Packaging - Let us put together the best cross-platform ad packages to help maximize your revenues. If you’re an advertiser looking to expand your reach and connect with high quality ROI traffic solutions get in touch! Expand Your Reach - Tired of some of the same old advertising platforms? Use us to get direct access to some of the best specialized niche publishers online. We Understand Balance - We get the delicate balance you want between volume and ROI… And we’re here to help you maxamize the best of both! Best Interest Advisors - We understand that if you don’t WIN, you won’t keep spending money. We’re here to help advise you on the perfect campaigns that will net you the best possible ROI’s. Friendly Payment Terms - We understand the importance of cash flow when it comes to media buying. That’s why we offer advertiser-friendly terms so you don’t get in a cash-crunch. Get in touch and we can show you how it works!