Kringle's Inventionasium Experience

Your family's Inventionasium adventure begins inside a mysterious corridor with a top secret assignment from the Interimaginary Travel Agency™. Which door will you choose? Behind one lies a portal to a very magical place. Once through, find yourselves in the Mind Shafts™. Travel secret tunnels and passage ways that only elves and magical creatures know. Search for clues that will reveal a coded message at the end of your journey. Ideas spark lightning fast inside the Brainstorming Department™. Imagine the most spectacular ideas for new toys. Once you’ve honed an idea, choose from the lab’s collection of wild and wacky materials. Bring your brilliant idea into the I.D.I.D.I.T Design Studio™. Imagine how your toy might take shape with your chosen pieces parts. Unleash your inner artist and doodle designs with pure imagination! The Whatchamacallit Workshop™ is where you bring your design to life. Experiment with your materials and assemble them into a toy masterpiece! While creating – swap, mix and match your pieces and parts until your creation is just right. Possibilities are endless! After you’ve completed your creation, give it a name, some special abilities and document its purpose. Then it’s time to show off your toy and tell everyone about it in the Grand Invention Hall™! Meet members of Kringle’s family in the Hiccup Hangout™. Keep a look out for the secret message and other unexpected surprises! Finally, it’s time for your Private Visit with Mr. Kringle. Discuss your invention and review your Christmas wishes while our photographers capture your merriest moments on camera. Before your departure, enjoy Kringle’s Toy Shoppe®. Purchase your pictures and Kringle’s® unique toys, novelties, ornaments and decor from our stylish selection!


Travel to Mr. Kringle's top secret inventing lab! Let your imagination run wild and turn your most brilliant idea into reality. Become an elf-in-training and help Kringle’s elite team invent toys!

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