Wallin MMA

Wallin MMA offers a unique approach and style of grappling, with over 350 modified and specialized techniques. Our small class sizes mean individual attention; so our students are able to perfect a large arsenal of submissions and create a personal style. The Wallin MMA motto is: “Points are for Pussies, Lock’em Out or Knock’em Out!” * Classes offered daily: 7pm Mon - Thurs, 10-12pm Saturday * Morning MMA training offered to advanced & pro fighters * Privates can be booked by calling: (323) 747-2846 All classes are grappling-based BJJ for MMA and/or Submission-Wrestling. Wallin MMA classes also involve pro fitness & flexibility drills that will help prepare your body for war. Lars was raised in a famous "Strongman" family in Sweden and became a 3rd generation trainer in the "Wallin Method." After moving to LA in 1992 he started training with the Gracie family. Today as a BJJ-Blackbelt, he gives seminars worldwide and manages his own Wallin MMA schools (8 schools worldwide in Scandinavia & US). Lars has over 35 years experience in martial arts, 20 years in personal training and 18 years in MMA, BJJ and submission wrestling (14 years with the legendary Gracie Academy). As a professional personal trainer & MMA coach, he has worked with many celebrities and world class athletes including: family-members Magnus & Thorbjorn Samuelsson ("World's Strongest Man" champions), Royce Gracie, Cirque du Soleil and MMA (UFC, Strikeforce, Superior Challenge) / BJJ (Nordic, European & World Champion) fighters.