The Sound Shaman

Within a journey of music, we must go backwards in order to go forwards. Within my journey of music I have come to find and understand the fascinating properties beyond of which standard music is comprised. I am Isaac Duvon. Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer. Since the young age of 8 I took a superior interest in music. Reaching from genre to genre, instrument to instrument, exploring and merging eras together. I believe it's only natural my path has lead me to ask, "What is Music? What can music do? What can sound do? What is Sound? Seeing the elements of the foundation. Sound is one or more frequencies binding together producing a tone. We as Human Beings are constantly radiating with frequencies. A Healthy range is anywhere from 62-72hz. Naturally in this day and age from the food we've eaten, the lack of exercising, even the people we hang around can bring us to an unhealthy range EVEN THE MUSIC WE LISTEN TO! Rest assured, through my training of sound, energy work, and musical understanding of the relationship from notation to body mind and spirit, I believe we are instruments that simply need to be tuned. ​ stay tuned, Isaac Duvon


Most people have experienced an emotional change when hearing music. Sound, in it's Purest form can promote the deepest levels of healing from within.

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