Synergy Yoga Center

We have been serving the community for over 15 years with a variety of yoga styles and healing arts. Our first location on the charming Española Way is the first yoga studio in Miami Beach! We offer over 30 classes per week, with a unique selection of the most refined styles in Yoga such as Hatha, Power, Kundalini, Jivamukti, Prenatal and more. We also provide quality healing services including Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, Reiki, BodyTalk, Accupuncture, Transformational Breathing, Pranic Healing, Sound Healing Therapy and much more. Please visit our website to book your next session.


Number One Choice for Yoga in South Beach Since 1998

Working Hours

Monday: 09:15 - 13:00

Tuesday: 09:15 - 13:00
Wednesday: 09:15 - 13:00
Thursday: 13:00 - 13:00
Friday: 09:15 - 13:00
Saturday: 09:15 - 13:00
Sunday: 09:30 - 12:00

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