ASG - Division of Jergens, Inc.

ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, provider and service center for products and solutions focused around assembly. Since the 1970s, we have developed a first-class reputation unrivaled in the industry offering a wide range of world class products through our various world wide locations. We offer a wide selection of products including: electric, pneumatic and manual torque control screwdrivers; torque and angle control precision fastening systems; automatic screw feeders and screw presenters; torque testers and calibration services; custom designed automation equipment as well as a full line of accessories.


ASG Products & Solutions for Assembly is a division of Jergens, Inc., which was founded in 1942 in Cleveland, Ohio. We supply a full range of products and services for assembly including: Assembly, Industrial, Precision Fastening, and Automation.

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