Efficient Lighting Supply Corp.

Founded in 2011, Efficient Lighting Supply focused on making wholesale pricing available to the public all while offering a full line of commercial, residential, and industrial lighting products. Energy Efficient lighting offers such savings that even government organizations have established rebates for switching over to them. Longer life expectancy, energy savings, and less maintenance are only several of the benefits of energy efficient lighting fixtures. Savings Without Compromise is exactly what we offer. What many improvement stores, supply shops, or " boiler room " businesses dont want you to know is that your current products you own or purchase are not as expensive to purchase as you would imagine. We broke that concept in 2011 when we introduced are intensive pricing to the public and proved that consumers whether a home owner, electrician, supplier, or even a distributor, that you could stop paying more for the same product we offer at great savings.

About is your trusted lighting supplier. We believe in quality products at discounted pricing and of course Customer Satisfaction

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