Department of French & Italian at The University of Texas at Austin

The Department of French and Italian faculty and staff provide and support innovative, high quality teaching responsive to educational needs and interests of students through courses in pedagogy, language teaching, literary criticism, and cultural studies. The department offers bachelors degrees in French and Italian. At the graduate level the department provides subject areas leading to masters and doctors degrees in French and Italian Studies. The French Graduate program offers three tracks: French and Francophone Studies; French Linguistics; Romance Linguistics. Graduate courses in Italian support graduate degrees in other departments and cross-disciplinary offerings. Offices are located in Homer Rainey Hall (HRH) on 21st Street between the Harry Ransom Center and Benedict Hall. The building was originally the UT Music Building and was renamed in honor of former UT President Homer Rainey (1939-1944). The department shares this interesting 1950s Spanish Colonial style building with the Jessen Auditorium, the Hindi Urdu Flagship, and the Texas Language Center.