Education should be a liberating experience that allows people to lead remarkable lives so they can positively impact society and improve the human condition. In order to prepare young people to do the remarkable, Abrome provides them with a non-coercive, psychologically safe, inclusive, interdependent community that allows them to identify and engage in deep, meaningful, and enduring learning experiences while being in relationship and co-creating culture with others. Our focus on well-being, Self-Directed Education, and community allows Abrome Learners to embrace the present while building a future of lifelong inquiry and learning, academic and career excellence, and emotional and social wellness. Our anti-oppression and justice-oriented approach to building community allows Abrome Learners to recognize and understand systems of domination and power so they can navigate the world we live in while creating a better, more liberatory world for the future. Abrome is a Self-Directed Education community that is an alternative to conventional schooling and dominant culture, where young people get the opportunity to lead remarkable lives. Abrome is Emancipated Learning. NOTE: We will block trolls, those who disrespect children, and those who endorse bigoted and oppressive ideologies on our page. We are not a free speech zone for abhorrent or anti-child views.


Abrome provides young people with a non-coercive, psychologically safe learning space that allows them to identify and engage in deep, meaningful, and enduring learning experiences. And during Covid-19 we are outdoors.

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