Alberto Franz - Energy Advisor

I'm originally from Mexico City Mexico. I moved to Ohio where I lived at for 17 years and I moved to Austin, Texas at the beginning of 2016. I recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Environmental Engineering. During two summers while I was in college I participated in a college internship with Southwestern Advantage where I had the opportunity of serving families in Maryland and North Carolina by offering products that help them get closer the their educational goals. I moved to Austin to be a part of a company called Renew. Renew is the standard for honest energy. We deliver guidance and tools for homes and businesses all over the world to make the shift to solar. Our people, platform and expertise make it easier than ever to get started by increasing transparency and simplifying the process from start to finish. We are rethinking how consumers experience solar power, unlocking its benefits for people everywhere. We recognize there are still 1.3 billion people on our planet without electricity. Renew believes access to electricity opens a new world of unlimited opportunity. Thank you for being such supportive community members who are leading the charge towards solar education.