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Guitarists Here at Don’s Guitars we SPECIALIZE in PROFESSIONAL set-up and guitar MAINTAINENCE. We have 40 plus years EXPERIENCE in this.We have a very,very long list of PROFESSIONAL players and non-professionals alike who trust us with making their guitar play at it’s very best. We ask the customer to play the guitar as we watch their playing style and set the guitar to THEIR preferences, not ours. No two guitars play the same ! Neither are any two guitars ! This is how personal we take the set-up . We are life long guitarists who UNDERSTAND the importance of a perfect set-up. We GUARANTEE our work. Your guitar doesn’t leave the repair table until you the player, says it’s right. No stone is left unturned. Here is a list of what your guitar goes thru: ( 1 ) Observing the owner play their guitar and listening to their concerns and requests. ( 2 ) Old strings are removed. ( 3 ) Fret condition is checked for low,high,and flat surfaces and also looseness. If any of these conditions exist,They are REPAIRED, not OVERLOOKED ! ( 4 ) The Top Nut is inspected for trouble areas and repaired if needed . ( 5 ) Frets are then polished to a high shine and the fretboard is polished and conditioned to eliminate any dryness that can lead to cracking. ( 6 ) Then , and only then , is your guitar restrung with your choice of string and gauge . ( 7 ) Strings are tuned to pitch , stretched , and settled in . ( Who wants a newly set-up guitar that has to be re-tuned every 30 seconds ???? ) Then and only then , does the actual set-up begin. ( 8 ) Neck relief , ( bow in neck ) , is evaluated and adjusted accordingly . ( 9 ) The “ action “ , ( string height from fretboard ) , is set-up to owners requests . We do offer our advice on certain aspects but only if the owner asks us . At this stage the guitar will be playing the way it should . ( 10 ) The “ intonation “ , ( how well in-tune the guitar plays all over the fretboard ) , is adjusted. ( It can be tricky ) ( 11 ) When we are satisfied the guitar is playing at it’s best , we clean the electronics , ( if it’s an electric) . We check pots , switches , input jack and clean them . ( 12 ) The guitar is then returned and played until we are satisfied it is at it’s MAXIMUM POTENTIAL ! ( 13 ) The guitar is then polished and waxed and retuned one last time . You will be provided a phone number and name of who is doing your set-up . You are welcome to call at anytime during the set-up and check on your guitar. No one in this city or surrounding cities offer this kind of QUALITY set-up and care for your instrument . The “ Big Store “ can’t come close to what we do . They call it a “ Standard “ set-up , “ Standard “ is our beginning point ! We start at where they end , and take it far beyond . Your satisfaction is guaranteed ! PERIOD ! Compare us with anyone and we believe you will see we offer more . We hope you will allow us the opportunity to show you what POTENTIAL YOUR GUITAR HAS WAITING FOR YOU !


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