Arizona Family Rights

Our goal is to be the premier leading non-profit organization in the State of Arizona and a competitive provider in other states. Arizona Family Rights provides several tiers of opportunities for our Members to have a broad access to resources and information which could be of use in building your own knowledge in resolving your domestic relations matter. These tiers will help Members individually or collectively have an appreciation and better understanding of the judicial system in regards to the various subjects of domestic relations, offer encouragement, and provide the resources needed to learn the tools of the trade in the legal system. It will also assist Members in providing information for themselves and for their family in obtaining reasonable parenting time, joint custody, and appropriate child support. Arizona Family Rights will help Members minimize the strenuous hardships during and after dissolution of marriage, custody disputes and child support procedures and encourage finding positive solutions during those trying times. Our goal is to provide a multi-tier of opportunity which includes providing the following: A standard Dissolution Book that which helps provide a better understanding of the Dissolution process. Various published resources on all facets of the Dissolution process. Learned or historic Information about the Judges and Commissioners in our area, plus "over time" an analysis of each Judge or Commissioner's performance in regard to Domestic Relations. Open forum where Members can openly discuss and share their matters, their experiences, their struggles to prevail, triumphs and successes. Various tools in support of our Member's willingness to be completely involved with their children and their family's lives. Donation Drive to keep this site, research materials, forums, and meetings current and available for a continued success for many Members and Members to be. Monthly and/or bi-weekly presentations throughout the Valley for support of information gathering, membership drives, donation drives, and specific events in support of family rights. Actively pursuing outreach programs to help families who are going through the Dissolution process to assist them in securing their rights and in helping families to gain the maximum to equal Parenting Time between the parties with the least amount of conflict for children in pre-, during and post Dissolution proceedings. Seek various forums, including legal, legislative and government, in an opportunity to positively educate parties for the benefit of maximum to equal Parenting Time combined with the least amount of conflict or stress towards the children. Referrals to cost-efficient Mediation Services. Mediation encourages resolution over unnecessary conflict and stressful confrontation between parties during the legal proceedings. When needed, referrals to qualified Legal Document Preparers and/or Paralegals for support in Member's matters. Arizona Family Rights will always seek opportunities to promote the healthy growth and relationships of both parents and their children despite the fact that the parents relationship may be changing or ending. Arizona Family Rights and its Members will always work hard to ensure it finds and promotes the newest and proven ways to reduce conflict between parents and maximize a healthy environment in the best interest of the children during these and other types of proceedings.