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We believe that brands will need to excel in three core competencies to remain competitive in the future. • Creative Engagement, content marketing that interactively engages the consumer to bond them to brands ... letting them participate, create and share their own brand experience. • Precision Targeting, buying audiences directly through big data networks and exchanges ... enabling more precise targeting of in-market buyers at the lowest possible cost • Smart Automation, the new era of lead generation and CRM is Marketing Automation ... made smarter by integrating in Precision Targeting and Creative Engagement Marketing is no longer a sellers market of push communications ... it is a buyers market where your prospects and customers find you when they are in active purchase ... 24/7. Brands must be everywhere they can be with a consistent, dynamic presence ... not simple or easy. Zig's Precision Precision Marketing is a Data Driven System building sales conversion at the lowest cost through insight, technology and accountability. If you want to explore what we can do for you, please feel free to contact Howard Zoss at 216.744.3040 or at [email protected] We do not care about agency of record. We believe in doing interesting and challenging work on a project basis — that fits your needs and budgets.


Zig is a digital consultancy that believes the future of marketing is delivering interactive user experiences to in-market buyers at the lowest cost.

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