Esther's Follies

Esther's Follies follows the funny in Washington, Austin, and on the internet - with sketches, musical numbers, and magical illusions! If laughter is the best medicine, Esther's Follies can cure what ails you! Get your update on local, national, and world news with a high energy Texas point of view! Ray Anderson's magic continues to baffle the audiences with his big illusions, and the cast of Esther's parodies are ripped right from the headlines. Come see our latest show, "Esther's Follies Trottin' With Us Turkeys"! November brings a feast of political humor in Washington and on the campaign trail! Esther's tracks the candidates in "GOP Superstar", with the Texan golden boy, Rick Perry, hounded by Presidential hopefuls Herman Cain and Mitt Romney. Esther's news medley covers the Tax The Rich Movement, Occupy Wall Street protest, and other headline grabbers! Ray Anderson mesmerizes Sixth Street with his newest magical illusion "The Stretcher", turning his lithe assistant into a super=elastic rubber band of fun.