Peglars Custom Carpentry

As the owner/manager of Peglars Custom Carpentry, I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank you for considering this company for your construction, remodel, or carpentry needs. On the following pages you will see examples of work done, but please bear in mind that this is only a sample and does not encompass the entire range of services we provide. I would like to present to you the concepts that this company is based upon: The first of which is a good relationship with our clients. This enables us to determine how to best serve your needs, and to make your concepts into functional, practical realities. The benefits of a good working relationship often reach far beyond the scope of the work itself. The second concept concerns the home itself. As most of our work is in the residential area, the idea of personalizing a house to suit the client is very important to us. The home is an integral part of every day living. Therefore, the more beautiful, convenient, and practical it is for someone, the better their quality of life. This leads me to the next concept. The third concept is the belief that beauty is inherent to quality, meaning that the level of care, expertise, and thoughtfulness put into a project will be seen in its result as pleasing. Any project, regardless of size and scope, will reflect this dynamic. Though all of us interpret “beauty” differently, we can all see inherent quality. The fourth and last concept I would like to present is order. This encompasses everything from being clean, timely, thorough, and careful. It reflects directly upon my business and my relationship with my clients. And although we cannot claim to be other than human, we strive to be orderly and professional as well as fair. These concepts apply to my employees as they do to me. If I or anyone who represents my company falls short of them, please feel free to discuss this with me and I assure you that immediate steps will be taken to improve. I look forward to working with you!