Texas Sleep Docs

Located in the beautiful Southwest Medical Village, Texas Sleep Docs in Austin provides expert care for sleep disorders of all kinds in Austin, Texas. A lack of quality sleep can negatively affect all aspects of your life, family, relationships, careers, and even cause accidents! Approximately 40 million Americans suffer from some type of Sleep Disorder. If you have trouble sleeping at night, have trouble staying awake during the day, or if for any other reason you feel you may have a Sleep Disorder - we can identify the problem and treat it effectively. Providers: Dr. Kathy Wilson, Medical Director of Texas Sleep Docs can diagnose and treat sleep disorders and help you regain your life. Initially practicing Internal Medicine, Dr. Wilson became Board Certified in Sleep Medicine and strictly focuses on sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment in Kerrville and Austin. Dr. David Duhon, M.D., J.D. moved his practice to Guadalupe Sleep Center in August of 2015. Following medical school, he completed an internship in Internal Medicine at the Ochsner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans and a residency in Neurology and a residency extension in Sleep Disorders at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He has practiced medicine in Austin since 1990. Treatable Sleep Disorders: •Obstructive Sleep Apnea •Snoring •Central Sleep Apnea •Restless Leg Syndrome •Insomnia Contact Texas Sleep Docs today at 512-381-4555 to schedule your appointment or email [email protected]