The idea behind VICE? People come up to us and ask.. WHAT IS VICE? Well to be honest.. VICE is whatever you want to make of it. It's what your interests are ...we are more than just a venue.. we are more than just an event.. we are your lifestyle. We are your wants.. your needs.. your desires.. We are your music.. your rhythm.. your love.. your life.. We are you.. The partners and I decided to create an idea that caters to each and every one of your palates. With the industry and community behind us rooting us on, we created a very unique environment that allows the whole community to join us all at once under one roof. We don't believe in separation and we welcome you all unifying each other through our diverse crowds. Our team together combined has a total of 30 years experience in the nightlife industry especially in Miami. We know how to throw an amazing party. In fact, we host the best events in town for the most prestigious venues Miami is known for Miami's Nightlife such as LIV, Mansion, Story, and Nikki Beach to name a few. Apart from our efforts to welcome you all to our events we also ask you to support our charities that we work diligently side by side with. Our contributions at our events and the continued growth of Miami paves way to helping us one step closer to curing a cause or helping research them in hopes for a treatment. We welcome you all and we Thank you all for your support. Stay updated on our talent coming your way at our Grand Opening soon. Raising the Bar with Innovation and Style for Women who Love Women and Their Friends. Welcoming Everyone and Unifying our Community Through Diversity. Ticket purchase and VIP reservations at Follow Us: Twitter: @VICE3VENTS Facebook: VICE3VENTS Instagram: @VICEVENTS Youtube: VICE3VENTS .:: CONTACT Information ::. General Information: [email protected] or 407.692.0504 VIP and Bottle Reservations [email protected] PLEASE VISIT US AT : WWW. VICE3VENTS.COM FOR OUR LINEUP AND EVENT INFO