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El Paso Index, where you have the ability to list your event and find other events and attractions in the El Paso, Texas area for FREE on our website! Remember, if no one is aware of your event/attraction, then they cannot attend! El Paso Index is all about El Paso, Texas all the time! If you have an upcoming event in the El Paso, Texas area, place your event on this innovative and exclusively El Paso-focused website to increase the event’s potential success. - Find events and attraction in the El Paso, Texas area that you would like to attend. - The El Paso Index Calendar is dynamic and interactive while providing enough information to allow you to evaluate an event before having to commit yourself. - Placing your event on the El Paso Index Calendar increases your event visibility throughout the El Paso, Texas area; whereby, increasing the attendance of others at your event! Did I mention it is Free to list your event on the EP Index Calendar? - See what other events and attractions are taking place at the same time you’re planning your event; use the El Paso Index Calendar to ensure your event, date, and time do not significantly conflict with another event that could take away from you having a successful event. Types of events that can be listed include, but are not limited to: Fundraisers – Banquets – Seminar/Lectures – Town Hall Meetings - Award Ceremonies - Talent Shows – Political Forums -Regularly Scheduled Meeting - Membership Drives – Car Shows – Wine Festivals – Concerts – Parades – Yard Sales – Grand Openings – Military Events - Fashion Show – Auditions, etc.


Welcome to El Paso Index! Because all roads lead to El Paso!

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