Above N Beyond

I'm a registered Artist with the Choctaw Nation (yes, I'm I specialize in furniture restoration, mosaics and interior design. I believe I have a positive purpose and I'm grateful to be doing something that truly makes my soul sing. I also sell unique hand picked items from vintage/designer clothing, Disc Golf apparel/misc, vintage furniture, vintage glass and "all things vintage". All of my items are unique, one of a kind pieces. I have a passion for picking and I'm always looking for ways to bring pieces back to life and give them a whole new purpose. So, if you have some stuff you would be interested in selling, please keep me in mind and if you have something unique in mind and need some help creating it; I would love to assist you in making something you need/want. If there is something specific you are looking for and cannot find......odds are that I can. If you like what you see, please like and share my page.......Thanks so much for stopping by!