The Willows Manor and Gardens

The Willows is located along the Black Warrior River at the site of the Nectar Covered Bridge, which was at one time the seventh longest covered bridge in the country before it was burned. After the current bridge was built, the land involved with the covered bridge was given back to the family of the owners. Some of this land is being used in the current state of the grounds, where you can see the standing pillars in the river. The gardens between the gazebo and the house have always been kept up for the relaxation and enjoyment of anyone who wanted to stop by. Now, after being reworked to accommodate larger groups and incorporated into an event center, it may now be enjoyed by thousands a year. We look forward to meeting you and hope you fall in love with The Willows as we have. Feel free to stop by at anytime and walk the grounds, rather we are here or not, we like knowing that people are getting to relax and enjoy the hard work we have done.